Equality for All

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Don't pretend to sympathize when we can see the greed in your eyes. You say one thing, turn around and say another. All you speak is lies. A child constantly arguing who is right he's never wrong.
America isn’t new America isn’t great How could a country thrive on hate? Unemployment is high Education is low How much further down can our country go?   Fear not, our future can be preserved
Black, I am Black We are women We are recognized The pain is gone God helped us regain our confidence and strength We faced our daily struggles
As dawn arrives in the small town of Anamoros, the sound of sellers begins Watermelon, Tomato, Batteries, Beds, Furniture it never stops Everyone is up and about as soon as the day begins
When there were not enough Native Americans left to do our dirty work We kidnapped and enslaved you. While you were of no threat to us as you were previously living in another country
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