'self worth'

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People are who they are. Yes.  Really and truly full of life and love they do not Idol in their moments of Damage nor discomfort but instead in their determination to Exist entirely themselves
Fear Conquer or be conquered they say. But I say- True courage lies in facing day by day Fear straight between the eyes, Calling out his lies.  
I am a poet, I write a lot. Poetry teaches me what I am and what I'm not. My heart has been broken, I have cried more times and more tears than an ocean. I have made mistakes and failed,
How would you know my worth?  As I'm awake in this world, Feeling all alone, while life just seems like a curse. Though I've been given my own people,  To love and admire, 
Dear 13-year-old me, Here's something to keep in mind. You're going to spend too many months Thinking you have worth you have yet to find.   You are more than that tiny number Showing up on the scale
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