Of Heartache, Mistakes, and Failures


00100 Nairobi

I am a poet, I write a lot.
Poetry teaches me what I am and what I'm not.
My heart has been broken,
I have cried more times and more tears than an ocean.
I have made mistakes and failed,
Tried hard but it didn't work like I wanted so I despaired.
Life is a baseball field and it pitched me a curveball,
Sometimes people change and leave you alone when you need 'em most of all.
And you can't always trust words or transparent promises.
You doubt yourself and proclaim your guilt even in your soft-spoken innocence.
When the world crashes down on you and leaves you so bruised,
And you think you're beyond hope cause you can't take any more pain or abuse,
The sun stays behind a cloud,
Got so much to figure out,
But you know it's changing now,
Got no clue as to how.
And the winds of change have blown,
And some tiny seeds were sown,
And just look how much you've grown!
I know heartache is a jerk,
Mistakes make you feel like dirt,
And failure really hurts,
But these three enemies can help you find yourself.
I understand these things because I've been there myself.
Just look in the mirror,
Remind yourself what you see there.
You're not damaged goods,
You are good enough.
Whatever giant you don't want to face,
You're stronger because you've made mistakes!

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