'dear' 'black girl' 'power'

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Being a black girl is having your hair touched and pulled and grabbed at like you're a walking petting zoo and it's prime time at a 5 years olds birthday party.
The color of my skin is bad enough, the fact that I have an ugly  face is very embarrassing, I didn't mean to rain on your parade.
In the beginning there was void, and God’s spirit moved the water and said “light be”, and the sun was here just as you appeared after I spoke to your existence in a prayer, or was it a dream? And it was revealed to me how your kind came to be
The words you spit are what keeps her down but little do you know that she will rise.   The whips that hit and beat her down are what creates that ramant fire that will still rise.  
To the darkskinned black girl, You are compromised of honey, cacao, love, soul, and have been delicately, intricately, and selectively crafted by the very fingers of God himself.
I am black  And I am a girl  And with these traits I hold danger in my arms like a mother to a son she wasnt ready for  How could you ever be ready for the world when the world isnt ready for you ?
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