Life in a Letter Scholarship Slam (that letter was ouch)

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You look so tired. Are you tired of me? There's anger in you even strangers can see   Currents of hate that you  never can tame Yet you tap into the flame   Those are dangerous waters
Dear EE, You left with out saying goodbye, which made my heart melt in pain and sigh. I know we never really seen eye to eye, but you’re the only guy that I love and hate to say goodbye.
Dear Dimples,  I miss you… Do you miss me? My brain only allows me to remember all the good memories even though I tried to remember the bad ones and move on. Even though you have only been gone for a few months
Dear heart,   You have often been overworked Not because you've been lifting weights or running marathons but simply because You've been wondering When will everything be okay?  
Dear Bully, It's done, you're done  You have no more effect on me I know who I am I know your words are fake You're a coward You want to hurt me, so you feel better But it doesn't work now
Dear my friend June S., I saw so many statues on the shelves of your room. But I accidentally broke one. Which is the dark statue. Supposedly I look and do not touch. But I did not listen to you.
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