To my friend who is slipping away...

You look so tired. Are you tired of me?

There's anger in you even strangers can see


Currents of hate that you 

never can tame

Yet you tap into the flame


Those are dangerous waters

but deeper you wade

The girl who was my best friend

is beginning to fade.

I confess; I'm afraid.


What happened to those happy times?

So many memories shared

When did that die?

Was I not looking?


It's him, isn't it?

I warned you about him.

He changed you, didn't he?

There's too much hate in him for one person,

and he shared it with you. Didn't he?


You are your own person, you can still turn around.



If you just take my hand I can help pull you out

I'll be your life jacket, your lifeline

But I won't be here forever--

there's this thing called Time.


I don't know how much more of this I can stand--

I'm only human, you know.

If you keep pushing me away

I will give you what you "want",

and leave.


I don't want to do it

please don't make me

I don't want

to lose







I lost her.


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