Dear heart

Dear heart,


You have often been overworked

Not because you've been lifting weights or running marathons but simply because

You've been wondering

When will everything be okay?


You've been lost for a few years now - despite having never left my chest 

(I want you to know how glad I am that you have never left my chest )

You have been searching for ways to get bigger,

to do more than pump blood to an unhappy body - (I want to be more than an unhappy body)


But you are stuck

Blood is always surrounding you, always red always gushing, always there and

and you wonder,

if i can make the blood pump harder, faster, will that be enough?

Enough to make her better?

to not beat simply to keep her alive but to make her actually feel alive


if i can make myself beat better?

pressure lower?

will she be more red fiery, more oxygen, more left ventricle...


oh heart,

I apologize for all the times I cried to you and made you feel like you were made to take care of me

Rather than me take care of you


oh heart,

I love you


oh heart,

what'd I do to be better for you

                                                                 love your biggest fan but worst supporter,





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