'Abuse' 'toxic relationships’ 'courage to leave' 'life lessons' 'slowly getting better' 'temporary'

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I'm not able, I'm sorry i just want to end the call I'm supposed to be the the Invisible Soldier who's trusted by all and never blow his composure and as much as i wanted to see the world better
My smile shines at the sound of his name His chocolate eyes stared only at me But his reputation brought him his fame Why did his looks fill up my heart of glee?   His calm voice brought me home.
Dear "Daddy", What is love? See, you taught me growing up that yelling and slamming doors was love, That me asking my mother where you were, was love. You taught me that I was only there to sit and look pretty,
Dear B, You hurt me And I don't know if I can ever Get myself back But maybe that's a good thing Maybe there were lessons I had to learn
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