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Where is my Happy Do I not understand? Where is my Sadness Where are my Emotions Can I not grasp how I feel? Do I wish to change that? The happiness I feel is not real. Where is my Happy
dear self, only you can remember the nights you feared for your sanity till all you could do was cry yourself to sleep  
Emotions run wild. Are they running wild or wildly running?
Click! Click! Tap! Tap? Scroll. Stop! Opinions are for the opinionated where I fall to this day Just for a yes? No, yes? Stopping this delusion in my head that is faltered
My foolish heart remembersThe embrace, in the dark.The highlights of your faceLaying under the moonlight.The Late night talk that sparkedthe fuse In the hotel room.My foolish heart found comfort
Dear me, You are currently seventeen, but forever you are a queen,   Don't forget to smile, and never to make others wait a while.   Be sure to be on time,
Let us think back, you and I, Todays when candles lit the sky And breezes sang throughout the trees; Remember ow the laughs we'd share. We were such a mismatched pair Of foolish dreams an misty eyes;
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