Let us think back, you and I,

Todays when candles lit the sky

And breezes sang throughout the trees;

Remember ow the laughs we'd share.

We were such a mismatched pair

Of foolish dreams an misty eyes;

We never thought to say goodbyes

And trapped ourselves in paradise.

But my heart told me...

I dare not say what it did say.

I'll think of it some other day.


In a room where poets come and go

Talking of all that they ought to know.


The golden sun that soars to land upon the ground,

Thesun that sets to find its nest beneath the ground,

Soared through a denim sky,

Extended its fiery wings and downed,

Passed a sunflower patch, made its final stride, 

And finally finding its trodden bed,

Slipped past the horizon at last to rest,

Ruffled its dusty feathers and roosted its tired head.


And indeed I will remember

Thegolden sun that rolls across the sky,

Soaring bravely to land upon the ground;

I will remember, I will remember

The nights I spent with restless mind and tired eyes,

And remember the days I dreamt away

And smiled at just the thought of your name,

As it danced through my head for the rest of the day.

I'll remember you and remember me,

and try to remember when two were one

and a thousand joys had just begun,

before I could sip at my coffee,


In a room where poets come and go

Talking of all that they ought to know.


And indeed I will remember

To ponder "Shall I?" and "Shall I not?"

Remember what got me to places I got,

Of all the loves I sold and bought.

(They will say: "My love is free of price!")

But soon demand a sacrifice,

A compromise of heart and mind.

Do I dare 

Stargaze at memories?

Of all the lovers come and gone toport from distant seas,


For I have known them already,

And still not known-- 

Have known the troubled spirits seeking care,

Have known the fighters with slicked back hair.

I discovered as much as they condoned.

Some set up walls I could not climb.

Had I gotten there in time?


For I have known their eyes already,

And still not known-- 

The eyes that promise you more than they hold,

And when they hold they soon forget;

And when I'm forgotten and left all alone,

I have gambled my joy on a peasant's set.

I am forced to fold.

Had I gotten there in time?


For I have known their arms already,

And still not known-- 

Arms that you used to hold me dear,

Or at least that used to hold me near,

Arms of glass and iron bone.

Had I gotten there in time?

And how shall I forget?

 I shall tuck it away in the corners of my mind,And allow it but a brief moment of nostalgia,That it may fade away into a misty winter morning. And the sunrise, the sunset marks the end of a day!Lit by the eys of seasons past,Beginning...ending...sometimes too fast,As it carries both love and heartbreak away.Should I lift my eyes, at the end of the night,To see the quickly fading light,Or the light I know will come again?Indeed I shall remember the stars,For they radiate beauty and shine from my scars.

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