'Abuse' 'toxic relationships’ 'courage to leave'

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Dear Fear, I apologize for the suddenness In which I write this note to you, But as I look back over our time together My thoughts are overdue. You’ve done much to protect me,
Although it's been two years, my mind still starts to wander You occupy my thoughts, and I still always ponder About how different my life would be if back then I had knew The repercussions I would face because I love you
Even at their worst they were my parents               It was normal to me               The beatings, the screaming, all of it       And it was always happening  
Once again you pull me down In the waters of judgment and shame Current by current stripped in guilt of being In disposer to your supposed great love As treacherous darkness blinds me
If he tells you you're beautiful without makeup, and his face falls when he sees your painted lips and eyes, and highlight, leave him. If he tells you he doesn't like your friends, and frowns when you come
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