Free Love

Once again you pull me down

In the waters of judgment and shame

Current by current stripped in guilt of being

In disposer to your supposed great love

As treacherous darkness blinds me

Viscously I try to escape the rotten voices

Shoved down, I swallow the words you feed me

 I rise, I rise, I rise

Till the exert desperation for air vanishes

Water engulfs my lungs

Deep down into the lonely abyss

I spiral

Abandoning the fear of pain following the acceptance of it

I stay in a deep sleep

Slipping away from who I am

Into what you want me to be

Torturous loops of time reoccurring

Till illusions of surging through awaken me

Bursts of energy flow among my body

Waves of support tug me

Arising me higher and higher

Unclear sounds becoming loud

Beam of light puncturing my soul

I will not let you tear me down

Because I love myself

I plunge away your waves of false endearments

Reclaiming what was never yours

Surmounting self-abhorrence

Capturing my first breath of free love


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