'death' 'death personified' 'exitentialism'

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Os carros avançam lentamente sobre o sinal fechado - como num pesadelo que tive    quando criança -  enquanto atravesso fora da faixa num contrariamente lento passo displicente.  
I sometimes I wanna die. I feel like I'm sinking slowly into oblivion. Morning comes and the troops are to late.  the war is over.
Basking on raggedRocks, amassed with smashed wrecks, theseCreatures, lure ships, thatPass their abandoned cove, withDeadly, beautiful singing
To bask in the light of life Is to bask in the threat of Death. Ominous, foreboding, and Looming over your Heart. But that's okay, Its all fine, As long as you are Always mine.
Wielding his trustedScythe, he storms through this moonless night, saddled uponHis pale skinned stallion, asH spreads death, throughout these lands  
Magic is like the stars Stars are like the sea Seas are like flowers Flowers are like cities Cities are like dogs Dogs are like humans
I think about death Frankly, I think about my own death. I always feared the touch of death's cold hand But, I hope he says a joke That he takes my face in his palms and tells me everything is alright
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