Magic is like the stars

Stars are like the sea

Seas are like flowers

Flowers are like cities

Cities are like dogs

Dogs are like humans

Humans are like the earth

And the earth is dying

Magic is like breathing

Breathing is like water

Water is like an anima

An animal is like the sky

The sky is like a mountain

A mountain is like a tree

A tree is like a car

And the car is dying


Magic is like colors

Colors are like eyes

Eyes are like books

Books are like fires

Fires are like houses

Houses are like fields

Fields are like creeks

Creeks are like the bees

And the bees are dying


Magic is like the river

The river is like the forest

The forest is like the deer

The deer is like the snow

The snow is like the heart

the heart is like the rain

The rain is like me

I am dying


This poem is about: 
Our world



This Poem is the result of me finding out my best friends dad, whom I am very close to, is dying. He is young, and had a month to live. 

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