Because I Love You

Coming to you LIVE from my jail cell

This is what my tale tells

Of a girl, sweet and innocent who knew real well

Started from a flipped witch to causing someone real hell

That one day, just one day, I hoped Id get the chance to tell

My story, it starts off just a little bit weird

I get a call, never mind who but it left my eyes real teared

Who my guy? Thick big and really big eared?

No! he would never, because my wrath, that boy feared…

I’m scared

Drive there, then turn here. Stop remember to lock. Make sure u hear it beep

Take a deep breath and walk calmly across the street

Open the door and looks who’s home ready to greet?

The lovely dog he brought waiting for a treat

I’m walking around the house discretely being discrete

But it didn’t really work, I guess someone heard the sounds of the floor creek

Then it gets deep

I’m walking up the stairs careless now, creek creek creek

Now wait hold on to your seats

Up I pulled you in

Now imma give you a quick sec to guess where I found him

… you ready? Let’s dive back in

There he is, in a room kneeled on knee

But it was to her and not me

This was a crazy sight I wish Id never had to see

The very person who called was accepting instead of me

Had the nerve to say hi baby girl aren’t you so happy?

“say congratulations”, now that’s when I become snappy

Now he’s red in the face and sucked in t the waist

Ol’ boy was living the good life, and I just wanted a little taste

How could you cheat on me with my very best friend?

But wait... this story isn’t even close to the end

He starts talking, your best friend, I thought that girl name was Keesha

This is my new fiancé and I’m glad you go to meet her

Her name is Sade and she’s the love of my life

She takes are of me and loves and always treats me right

 She says no I’m Keesha to girls who try to love my man

So, then I had to come up with at 2-year plan

He gets excited with OUR money, likes to spend it on you girls

But I’m like he bought me this house, the dog, and expensive trips around the world

No no honey this is just my vacation house

I have watching every move, yup every time you go in and out

I stuck

Right now, I have n clue what to believe

Did he really come into my live and screw up all my dreams?

Then he turned around and begs please no please

But you’re in “my house” kneeled on one knee

Proposing to another girl who’s clearly not me

Now where am I supposed to live

I know that y’all don’t have a care to give

About how I might go on and live

Or about tis unborn kid

Fine, ill tell you what I did

I left

But not before turning on the stove

And taking out all the extra gas from the car I drove

Poured it all over my gorgeous house and the most expensive clothes

But I couldn’t let that person burn, but all my love they had stole

Yea I loved him, but he just had to go

Lit the match, got in the car and drove as far as I could’ve drove

They caught me at exit 5

She turned me in, should’ve never let her walk away alive

Still wondering about him? Oh, he died

But a great friend maybe more, couldn’t just let her fry

I mean I liked him but to keep saying love, my life would be a lie

If I never got to tell her I lived her this time

But I escaped from exit 5

Sped down beach channel 9

Walked in her house and saw her sleeping peaceful

I checked for the niece inside the niece room

House empty with just the right mood

Choked her out and said this is because I love you


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