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(December 24, 2012)   I see war everywhere, in my mind it does scare. Bodies lying here and there, who are they? Do people care? I’ve seen my share of a lot. But I’ll never get out of my mind,
You are the shadow that lingers behind me in the light.   You are the voice that
Love flows between people Between the grooves of their skin Between the cracks of their lips Between the canal of their blood vessels.
Because I love you, I listen to your gossip and grievances about your lovers and I hold you still when you lose control of your body to your memories and I teach you how to ride a bike
I think it's healthy when you sit and listen to me when I'm having a hard time instead of telling me to suck it up and grow up. I think it's healthy when you talk to me if you have a problem
Why do you always answer when I text you late in the night?  Why do you always ask if I'm okay?  Why do you always have things when I need them? Why are you so good at listening?
Because I love you When you walk in the room I smile Your stupid hair It covers your eyes Sits on your shoulders,
Because I love you, I want to see you every day. I feel like my day is not complete until I see you. You make me smile, you make me laugh,I return the favor, because I love you. 
Stop You don’t control me Because last time I checked I was free to be me I listen to what you say And follow in suit But today I don’t what to   Today I will do what I want
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