'hate' 'love' 'heartbreak' 'boys'

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Your eyes are telling me Liar, dont lie to me I don't wanna know anymore Not anymore, is over This is it for us Get out, turn around and go Our love had only hatred left
Baby you looked like heaven, and felt like hell. I was just another girl who fell under your spell.   Your eyes a clear watery blue anyone who saw them would fall in love too.
A shove off a cliff  your heart has left from  into the hands  that made you fall.   He picked you         loved you                                  cared for you
Dear, Pillow You don't get enough credit You should really only have one use but to me you have many You are there when no one else gets it
To the boy who tried to ruin me,  I’m sorry. No, I shouldn’t start my letter off like that.  To the boy who stopped talking to me, You don’t know my story,When we were freshmen, you called me fat.Too fat to have a
To the Boys Who Broke My Heart,Thank youThank you for showing me what a real man isn'tThank you for showing me the difference between a truth and a lieThank you for showing me the type of guys I should avoidBut most importantlyThank you for showin
Because I love you, give me your passwords Because I love you, leave your friends Because I love you, I will be your first Because I love you, do not look at any boy Because I love you, do not play volleyball
The more I think about it, the more hatred grows in my soul It grows like an infection touching every part of me.  The more i wish it to become undone, Sadness leches from my heart and swirls like a unforgiving sea.
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