Dear, Pillow

Dear, Pillow

You don't get enough credit

You should really only have one use but to me you have many

You are there when no one else gets it

When I whisper in your ear all you do is listen

You support my back while I do work for hours

You are there for rest, I can hardly keep myself from sleep.


Sometimes you get to travel

you leave the room behind when you tag along for a road trip

But back to the room you go you can't stay gone too long

I must miss you too much

Because I go to my room really quick

I cry into you sometime when I hear chatter in the background

Or when a dumb boy does know my worth

Or even worse when I don't know it myself


I get so stressed school consuming me

College looming over me

What do I do I think I need some rest

A great escape

I can get to the future without going through the present

No one is stopping me

I chose want I want

One day it's something unreasonable

Next week is something possible

My dreams are a place I go when it all becomes too much

Every once in awhile reality gets me then I'm out of luck


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