'life' 'love' 'emotions' 'deep'

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I cried when my emotions are all out You didn't take me serious without a doubt Never stop loving the person that you became Always go deeper into my feelings and never been the same
I grew up  I made it to see 18  and now its a goal to meet 21 i grew up in chicago where shots fired and inocents die one by one  im sacred  scared of these streets 
To the girl who thought yesterday was today, She lowered her gaze, Her old ways haunting her. She withdrew her hand, Her presence in all absences. She bent her knees, Her fantasies shattered.
They thought she was over him. She knew she lost it: Her mind, her dignity, their trust. She wanted something, someone Who she could not speak of Nor could she dream of in her nightmares.
Dear (Future) Baby Girl, Hi... it's me. Your mom. Here to tell you something I wished I listened to when my mom was here.
The greatest thing in life can bring the most happiness; yet the most fear, and that's love, Love is an enjoyable feeling of life, and is what makes us closer; but sometimes love can shatter your heart and shaken your soul,
I've learned how to be by myslef without being lonely - I like the silence
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