To My Future Daughter

Dear (Future) Baby Girl,

Hi... it's me. Your mom. Here to tell you something I wished I listened to when my mom was here.

You're gonna be something extraordinary. Something unique. Something beautiful, inside and out, no matter what path of life you choose. 

Please, please, always know that I'll always, always love you, no matter what, because you're amazing. You'll probably never know what you mean to me. And I'll probably never find a way to explain it. *laughs*

Dear, sweet, child of God, I'll always believe in you, even when you have trouble believing in yourself because you have so many possibilities splayed before you. Every speck of life, every moment of breath, every heartbreak, every tearful ache, it's all shaping and molding the beautiful person you'll soon become. 

Sure, it's not gonna be all laughs and giggles, but it's life. It's gonna make you happy, but it'll make you strong first. It'll be worth it, sweetie. Trust me.

It's a beautiful existence, whether you decide to be Christian, Hindu, Muslim, or Atheist. Just stay positive, hon, and do your very best. Don't put so much pressure on yourself to be perfect. Everything's gonna be fine, even when you think it won't be.

Everything happens for a reason. Every tear and every smile. Just know that life isn't necessarily a bitch. It has its ups and downs for a reason. Try to appreciate and love as much as you possibly can, honey, because life can be gone in an instant. You can be 14 one day and 40 the next. It moves fast, trust me.

Life is uncertainty, tragedy, experience, laughter, tears, friends, family, memories, learning, mistakes, change, soul-searching, and every single other moment that'll ever happen to you by 20%. The other 80% is the way you look at it, honey, and the way you react to it all. It'll be beautiful if you let it be beautiful. It'll be painful if you let it be painful. It'll be sad you let it be sad. If you can, stay positive and make the best of everything.

Try to love yourself before loving anyone else. If it doesn't work out, you can find someone that loves you and that helps you love yourself. If it doesn't work out either, you're a beautiful soul, honey, and I'll always, always love you.

Live life to the fullest and do what you love. Get tattoos. Get piercings. Fall in love, even if it lasts only a week. Just live, honey. And love life. No one can make you do otherwise. It's your life. Not theirs. We can only help you and advise you. We can't change you. We can't force you. We can only love you.

If you're lesbian, be lesbian. If you're heterosexual, you're heterosexual. Any walk of life you choose. Just be careful and know that I'll always be here for you, even when I'm long gone. I'm here.

And you know what's funny? You're not even conceived yet. I'm not pregnant or planning to be. Not anytime soon, anyway. Just saying. It's crazy. *laughs*

Anyway, be careful out there. Be blessed, young spirit. Just know that I love you. Have an amazing day.  It's a big, uncertain, beautiful world out there. Explore it. Experience it. And be grateful for the little things. Never forget that. I'll always love you.

From your crazy future mother (*laughs*),

Love always,

Marie <3 


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