Because I Love You Scholarship

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Because I love you, As it seems to be, Your love is fruitful, So pleasing to me   Your hold is warm Like a summer's set Your heart is pure Our love an eternal duet  
I want laughter and tears smiles and kisses.  I want dreams and nightmares and a million wishes. I ask , I receive. You ask, We receive. Because I love you I laugh with no voice.
Because I love you, I swallow your sins,
Because I love you, I'll hold your hand when you're stressed.  Because I love you, You're beautiful though your hair is a mess. Because I love you, weight doesn't exist. Because I love you, I crumble when we kiss.
You leave me feeling secure and safe, such comfort in your warm embrace. The carefulness of what you say, and the games you'll never play. Your endless devotion has filled me with emotion. But let your actions stay true, because I love you. 
To talk to sing to sigh, the sounds we know. The looks, the smile, the physical fall. As ever beautiful as the sun burns, But not the language of us in awe.  Though if there be words of his longed return
Because I love you, I want you to do well in school. Did you sleep well last night, did you eat enough food? Because I love you, I missed you last night. But missing you reminds me I’m one lucky guy.
A destiny, a change in what we see as the worlds eye another doesn't know there life began this journey through every expirence to every sorrow, a bond is born into a trust between two, 
When you happen to find yourself  underneath the hold, of the punching vaccuum of, deep space. My terrified daughter, hold your breath tightly! Plug your small freckled nose with thumb and index
It is with delicate breath and soft hands that I create worlds for you. I hold both in trembling regard, Wondering if gifts of word are brilliant enough for a Universe.
Because I loved you,      I worried that my tears on your shoulder           would make you too cold.   Because I loved you,      I worried that my burdens would fall           and block your path.
because I love you, I respect you because I love you, I won't just say sorry after a push  ill go to my anger management group because I love you, I won't say that you've got to let Joshua go
The day I met you, was the day I knew The day that I met you, I was in love. The day that I met you, you were so new I thought you were sent to me from above.   The words I love you, mean so much to me
Stars don’t twinkle as bright as they did when I longed for their warmth Mountain peaks are tangible; Thoughts of you can calm the storm Ocean depths aren’t deep at all in comparison to our talks
Becuase I love you I will always tell the truth Even if it hurts Becuase I love you I will do my best to respect your boundaries and I'm sorry if I ever cross that line
Because I love you, you leave me in awe, You are in my thoughts all day, every day I willingly endure your every flaw And prove my love to you in every way.   I kiss the ground you walk on; every step,
Is this love? Should love feel like this? I always imagined that love would feel warm, whole, and happy.   That’s how it was at first, it was warm.
Glass still remains on the floor From the fight from last night. Remains of how things used to be are smashed, Just like those great memories we once shared.
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