be courageous

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I danced without passion,For I could not show passion as I did not belong here,I could not bear the gazes piercing me,I sang and twirled with my eyes shut,
Dear Fear, I apologize for the suddenness In which I write this note to you, But as I look back over our time together My thoughts are overdue. You’ve done much to protect me,
Dear papí,   Sometimes I look at myself, And feel Disgusted.   It's been like this for a while,
I am courageous, a lioness roaring in search of peace, sanity that can't solve the puzzle of this maze, yet I consider my options when opposition opposes my intelligence. I am intelligence, brilliant.
Walking thousands of stepsMeasuring footprints left behind Stumbling blocksAnalyzingWalking through slippery roadsDead endsAscending mountains Descending Facing ephemeral seasons
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