I Am

I am courageous, a lioness roaring in search of peace, sanity that can't solve the puzzle of this maze, yet I consider my options when opposition opposes my intelligence. I am intelligence, brilliant. Full of a million words, phrases, quotes to make you think in the long run why you haven't discovered all that I hold. I am the strength of a spine, showing to you my title, my illustration. Giving you the definition of what it means to run dry of tears, yet find new to clense. I am your favorite tv show, providing you the attention grabbing plot, the synopsis of my brieif visit into your life, though I long to stay a while. I come ready with refreshments to refresh the way you think you should be, instead of the way you need to be. I am a song, singing to you my story, allowing you a chance if you will listen. To know my potential is to read my table of contents, getting an understanding of what's to come should you remain loyal. I am a dove, flying high, to obtain purity is my goal in a world of wickedness. I shield my warmth with God at my side, letting you know of the peace ingrained. No longer a raging lunatic, a bittersweet cake. Would you like to know me? Would you hear me hum with humble gratitude? I am a seed, growing at the sprinkle of God's tears. He wants me to flourish like the flower he made me, wants me to grow from the seed of happiness, so he uses the sun to ensure health and prosperity are a futuristic fact. I am a hand, waving goodbye to the pain that once pick and pricked the fleshy pumping of my heart. I am more than what others can see. My surface doesn't match the interior of what's shaping, molding into a beautiful butterfly. Can you give me credit for trying in my trial? Can you never remove my speck unless your plank has been pulled free? Can I be free? I say yes.

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