disney princess

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the apple: crisp, green, ripe with poison. the maiden - skin white as milk, lips red as wine - takes one bite. the old woman, beaming with anticipation, begins to frown as she sees the maiden is still standing, breathing, and smiling.
The stroke of midnight, it warns me. Magic spells passes from eyesight Underneath the starlight, a crippled dress clings warmth Setting forth onto a path with two slippers. It figures it would end like this,
A prince you say will sweep me off my feet but only one day will I find that out to be a lie. A prince more like a frog with shallow like words that roll off his sly tongue.
9 to 5 just to stay alive , a Queen Bee in a hive of one, palms calloused from wear, sweat gels down hair, tear ducts dried from the Louisana sun.   Dreams larger than life, 
Once upon a time… There was this lovely lady who wanted nothing more than to be free from her wicked step-mother and sisters After a few months of putting up with the abuse she left, disappeared to never return
Cindy around the block hated wearing shoes on her feet. She had scars on her toes from the dirt on the street. When she went to market, her stepmom made her wear them,
Once upon a time In the land of Arendelle The Queen committed a crime That sent the whole kingdom to Hell   She had a child
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