Disney Disenchanted

Once upon a time…

There was this lovely lady who wanted nothing more than to be free from her wicked step-mother and sisters

After a few months of putting up with the abuse she left, disappeared to never return

She found herself in a small town and began working a minimum wage job while attending trade school

From there she found a job and began making a substantial amount of money, no help needed

After saving up she bought a house and a very nice car, making her way up the ladder was paying off

Two to three years later she was CEO of the company and has made a name for herself

Sadly the step-family found her but now, where did their meanness towards her go? They were being nice and loving and apologetic. Funny.

She did not budge, she knew their goal, so she sent them on their way all the way back to their home

Since being at the job she had made some friends and there was a work ball being planned

Many of her coworkers and friends were finding male dates in order to attend

But for her, bringing herself was more than enough. Either way she was going to have fun.

She goes and buys a nice white dress with her own money and drives herself in her nice car to this ball

As she walks in she sees her friends and goes to join their little group, after a while she moves to a new group

A friend of hers wants to join but the girls date rather she stay with him

Towards the end of the night her friends begin to leave and she continues socializing and talking, I mean who is going to tell her what to do?

She invites a few friends over for afterwards to continue the party but their dates think otherwise

Even though she goes home alone she is the happiest out of them all

Because Cinderella did not need a man to provide a good time for her, she did it on her own.



This poem is about: 
Our world


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