Setting Fire to Frozen

Once upon a time

In the land of Arendelle

The Queen committed a crime

That sent the whole kingdom to Hell


She had a child

With a man other than the king

Their baby was wild

But, oh, how she could sing


Now as the old story goes

She was a princess of ice

But I think I’ll juxtapose

Because in this poem, I hold the dice


I shall carefully replace

Her powers with flare

Now give me some space

While I make this story more… debonair


Fire, dear reader

Is what I shall use

So I must change her hair

From white to rouge


Her clear, icy castle

Becomes a palace of brimstone

Because snow is such a hassle

I believe this idea sets the tone


Now when she caves

She is not scared, but smiles

She sets fire to the knaves

Including those of the Southern Isles


She unleashes a mighty inferno

Which to her subjects was unforeseen

That Elsa’s got a temper, you know

Long live the queen


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