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People may ask, amoung all American students why aren't I standing? I am a daughter of a black man , a man who has been taken in for a crime not his wrong doing.
Poetry taught me about me  And I just want to be free  But what does that mean? Do what I want Say what I want Wear what I want  To you, maybe  
A.    For America, the great country, we live in B.    For Beautiful and spacious skies C.    For Change and the everlasting growth to be better
The land of the free because of the brave A great place filled with opportunity                                                The American dream needs to be saved                                       
"Standing Tall"   I walked behind you to the door Your shirt flapped in the wind You glanced backwards but let it fall Behind the wood I was pinned
  From the start we were a bold child, undaunted and wild; undefiled by the structured chains of a developed bureaucracy.  
This land I live in with everyone else, we shout and cry, in hopes and fears for the far off yet imminent future. The leaders will lead and the followers will follow, for what else can they do for their country.
America the beautiful, Land of the free, Her greatness is bountiful, She answers every plea, A land built upon the brave, Were dreams become real, Pride worn to the grave,
America is a joke Why? Well here’s why: President Cheeto Cashmeousside Girl Our creations like yeezy’s and iphones that state what class we’re in
poems for cash? poems to bash? land of the debt students who fret learn they say till one day you'll have sway teacher teacher land of the debt cheeks always wet
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