A to Z Reasons for America

Wed, 05/31/2017 - 19:59 -- Kormex

A.    For America, the great country, we live in

B.    For Beautiful and spacious skies

C.    For Change and the everlasting growth to be better

D.    For Declaration of Independence, a roll of paper that frameworks our country, America

E.     For Equality, the power that shows no differences

F.     For Freedom, a feeling to think and act on free will

G.    For God, a being with heart filled with love

H.    For Home, a place to always return to

I.     For Imagination, a thought that brings goals and passion to reality

J.     For Justice, the ability to rightfully and legally uphold the law

K.    For Kansas, the heart of the country

L.    For Love, an emotion that is taken for granted and supports everyone at once

M.   For Majestic Mountains, a source of drive to move towards greater goals

N.    For Nature, an environment that brings peace and tranquility for its unbound creation

O.    For Oceans and Rivers, the connection that Americans share from the east to the west

P.     For Poetry, a literature form of free expression with no judgement

Q.    For Quiche, a dish that combines all differences into one singular foundation

R.    For Rivers and Oceans, a symbol for location and the link each person shares

S.     For Security, a shield of safety where danger is limited

T.     For Time, where the past, today, and tomorrow all share memories with one another

U.    For Unity, a word that brings individuals together as one family, one country

V.    For Views, a perception of the great places America carries on her land

W.  For Water, an essential resource that brings life to the land and the body

X.     For X-rays, a wavelength that helps people understand science

Y.     For Youth, the age of learning and growth to further make America greater than before

Z.     For Zoneless, a zero boundary for love and acceptance where anyone can be a part of

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My country
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An awesome patriotic poem about America. But many hope it stays true to its promises and values as the last line of your poem is getting a tattoo blurred due to political leaders there. 

Enjoyed your acrostic abc type A to Z creatively thought up poem. Kudos.


Im a new poet here but have been writing elsewhere for ages so I invite u to review my latest poem too. Readers elsewhere tell me they enjoy my poems  lots so hoping u will too.

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