Saying Goodbye

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You were the “p” in pterodactyl: Silent, but important You set things into your own stride I couldn’t help but stare and notice you oddity You rebellious
Like a song with catchy lyrics I memorized you. When ever you're near I lose all my fears and not care.
So callous is the mind of manWhen fear and rage take overGood intentions lostBlame set forthDown goes the ship of our discontentmentAway with our simple troublesWe forget we live
This message goes out to my middle and H.S. friend, Jake, who left us all way too soon. May his heart finally be filled with the peace for which he yearned, but sadly couldn’t come to find through the thick of life’s adversities at the time.
Promises mean nothing If you do not stay. Tomorrow is a maybe Will you go away?   Nothing is forever. This I start to see. Without an always there is no never
I look at you Honest brown eyes Asking me a question without words. You smile and we laugh but yet you seem sad. I take your hand, trying to grasp the reason
Now a downward glance, a slowing pace, A somber smile, A dismal face, A gripping hug, A handshake strong, It’s time to go. You don’t have long.   And now perhaps some shed a tear
Teacher are talking, saying Seniors make an impression. 'Cause when the time comes to look back you won't remember what you failed at, you won't remember what you lacked.
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