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Jesus Christ, Who am I? A daughter of your kingdom? A snake in the bushes? A servant to your people? A wicked woman?   Why is this so much easy for other people? Is it really?
A wicked approach; Vetoed By a holy vote. Sin drivin, U turns, Now forgiven. Repent, A child came, a child went, A joy in heaven; but for now, We lament.
Brock Light broken glass everyone makes mistakes it gives people pains, and aches.
  the forgetfulness of tomorrow around come the stars heaven’s forgotten in a launch past mars   whoever foretold the fortune of the future was sure of the truth only to be fooled
DeadStrickenFrozen StillCaught in the hustle of lifeSwept along like a dust bunnyNot knowing who's to trust 
Once again the melodic tone of my fate chimes aloud Echoing through the barriers I use to keep myself safe My nemesis calling like a siren surrendering my lifelessness With a prismatic array of sensations
You want the truth? I will confess until every sleeve is stained Every bandage crimson. And you shall never hear my silent screams My actions that speak louder than anything I could ever tell you
Forgive me father for I have sinned Repent both for the friend and foe See the sorrow, the agony Sought to aid the misfortunate Diminished by bureaucracy So fists to cuffs, the guns appear
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