I Repent

Once again the melodic tone of my fate chimes aloud
Echoing through the barriers
I use to keep myself safe
My nemesis calling like a siren
surrendering my lifelessness
With a prismatic array of sensations
they reduce me to nothing but a child
Writhing in my own insecurities and anguish
Cringing at the blurred figure of my mother
who looks down upon my battered form
And I feel nothing but sadness
Slowly with each occurrence of pain
I feel myself becoming stronger
I become more sure that I can feel something else
To this day, I became the strong one
The banisher of my demons
to fade into the shadows, never to be placed in my universe
But there comes a time when all pain takes it's toll
My soul remembers the fallen
Nightmares bathed in blood
anguishes that are never truly destroyed
And now the demon resides within my soul
I realize that I am not perfect
and the path I stray down, is followed by the darkness in my shadow


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