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It's a new world outhere to behold within  to catch without leaving for times, unknown to the doubts your lives, little to the gold found in the rubble of the world in here we toss and turn
Are you excited to have a driver's license that can increase your freedom of movement in Alberta? If yes, then start preparing for the test as the process is not at all easy.
It's six in the morning, My eyes to begin to bag But I need to get up- That breakfast is going to sag It's time for school That one time of the year Where stress becomes real
Pots         Everywhere.               Glaze on the table.         People building animals. Teapots strewn around the room.         Teacher telling what to do.
Three months early Twins born too small Doctors wondered If they'd even live at all   Months went by From the hospital we were released The older sister first
I wake up every morning thinking about my day Wondering if I should go to school or stay Since education is my only way out I pick myself up
You ramble on and on You don't know what you're doing Your lecture is way too long I don't know where it's going.   I fight to stay awake I doodle, read and write But how can I pay attention
It's my time to learn my youth wasted asking you the questions I needed why ask questions when you feel defeated I feel so small, as you call on your favorites like an actor without lines
  New to this situation. This college. So many stares. Especially in the cafe. It's like they know that you're not a member of the scene yet. Now I understand why we're called freshmen.
The system is brokenAnd it'll be forever before I'm softspokenI'm broke again, what the fuck is this?Since when is education reserved for the rich?
High School is a unique experience, everyone has to Go through it, but not everyone can finish it One way to improve High School is to remove Unneccessary classes and requirements from the
This is the voice of many, heard by few Little is done, This community is put down, but keeps its ground We are the Hispanics, the Latinos, the Spanish College is OUR american dream
The first day is the initial shock waking up with butterflies in your belly wondering where to hang out where to go who to talk to and sit with hoping tomorrow will go smoother
I'm on my way, I have twelve weeks. I count the days, Success I seek. As time passes I reminisce, picking classes, I enjoy this. I must be strong. To stand a chance,
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