I cant take it

Tue, 11/12/2013 - 20:57 -- MPMusic



You ramble on and on

You don't know what you're doing

Your lecture is way too long

I don't know where it's going.


I fight to stay awake

I doodle, read and write

But how can I pay attention

When you shut off all the freaking lights.


This class is way too long

Your powerpoints are just too boring

Every week its all the same stuff

Don't be shocked if you hear me snoring.


I gave up on taking notes

Because you put paragraphs on the screen

Gave us five seconds to write it

And expect us not to scream


You get off topic way too fast 

And it lasts for hours on end

Why did I take this stupid class

You, teacher, are NOT my friend.


Weeks pass by and it's still the same stuff

You don't even let us walk out to pee

Why are you so slow and dumb

I'm in this class from one to three.


This is the worst class I've taken

It might of been better if it wasn't you

I want this class to be over

And I think everyone agrees with me too.


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