The Last Elective

It's six in the morning,

My eyes to begin to bag

But I need to get up-

That breakfast is going to sag

It's time for school

That one time of the year

Where stress becomes real

And I fail to not shed a tear


I walk on campus, and my friends scream too

For those tests and projects

That make the weekends seem too good to be true


The first bell rings, it's time to begin 

The hours of crunch time

Where failure is sure to become a sin


As time wears on, and the day's stress is done

The hours soon become quicker, 

And we soon get to the fun


It's time to change, and get ready for locker

Where many athletes come together

And make a family closer than the one of Focker

Sacrifices of blood, hours of sweat

All seem to make it worthwhile

When the championship goals are met


The last bell rings, and that moment comes here

Where the day is done

And stress becomes a cheer

Upon coming home, where I play homework detective,

The time seems to become slower

I'm missing that last elective


Closing my eyes, and heading off to bed

I sure seem to miss

That class after I beat my head

As I doze off to sleep, and lie in my dome,

I soon begin to realize

I'm not really home 


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