Cause: Showing Humanity

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Old and wise or young and inexperienced, Religious and spiritualistic or atheist and agnostic, Homosexual, bisexual, or otherwise not straight, Male, female, or transgender, Rich and famous or poor and unknown,
We are born, We breathe, We blink. We hear Blaring and screeching sounds of bundling babies, Basking in the blazing light, unaware of their destiny. The same Destiny of us all, our deafening demise.  
It makes blood boil black, And starts wicked and widespread wars. It destroys friendships forecasted forever, And weakens what was once wholesome. It creates cancerious corruption,
Hope That's what I live on Breathe it Eat it Absorb it There's no way I can do what I do without HOPE This world is so dark but it's not all bad
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