We are Humanity

We are born, We breathe, We blink. We hear

Blaring and screeching sounds of bundling babies,

Basking in the blazing light, unaware of their destiny.

The same Destiny of us all, our deafening demise.


We decease, We destruct, We die. Our sentence set in stone.

Some will end before they’ve begun, as not everyone lives but all Must die.

But the masses must remain and the act must go on.


We let go, We live, We learn. Leaving behind thoughts of sadness,

Replacing shameful sorrow, with blissful and blessed ignorance. The

Living longing to forget the dead buried beneath their own two feet.


We fear, we forget, we fail. Trying to ignore the fact of fate and

the Destined doom of us all. We try to cling to careless pastimes, in hopes

Of denying death. But we fail fabulously, forgetting that humans are meek,

And mere mortals.


We exist , We entertain, we end. Despite denial, we all must bite the big one

And be buried beneath the beautiful feet of those who will burn after

us, Breaking down until We are



This poem is about: 
Our world


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