'No means no'

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I first recall it at thirteen I’ve heard of younger girls who had it worse But any age it too young When the touch he lays, Burns your skin   
Let’s hear it for the girl who sits at an empty table in a crowded room by herself, her headphones a clear sign she doesn’t want to interact with anything outside of the screen in front of her.
Let me tell you What “No” doesn't mean when I say it No doesn't mean, maybe...not now..or I'm not sure...perhaps you should convince me It isn't a playful no that means yes
Your saliva, it resonates on my lips. It's cold, it's wet, it reeks with the scent of your breath - it seeps into the cracks of your skin, into mine.  I sit stiff yet you kiss and kiss.   I don't want this. 
Knew he wasn't the one first time that I met him Wondered how many girls he couldn't haunt  But if he's a jerk then I can be a beach Killing his reputation for revenge 
Roses are red, sunflowers are yellow,  Once I met a very smart fellow.  He told me of wonder, amazement, and awe.  Oh! What wonderful things he said he saw. I followed him away to that magical land,
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