The Barbaric Tendencies of Past have Followed Through to the Present

Roses are red, sunflowers are yellow, 

Once I met a very smart fellow. 

He told me of wonder, amazement, and awe. 

Oh! What wonderful things he said he saw.

I followed him away to that magical land,

only to be pulled by this big scary hand. 

I screamed and shouted to be released,

only then did the scary man cease.

I watched again as he pulled back his fist. 

Oh boy... How I wish he'd have missed. 

I lay in the alley hoping for rescue,

Oh god. I stayed as still as a statue. 

This happened hundreds of years in the past. 

I only hoped this trend wouldn't last. 

I figured that it was only my time that was flawed. 

In the century I lived in, this was not odd. 

The question I wanted to ask you?

Why does this happen in your era too?

This poem is about: 
Our world


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