No doesn't mean convince me

Let me tell you What “No” doesn't mean when I say it

No doesn't mean, maybe...not now..or I'm not sure...perhaps you should convince me

It isn't a playful no that means yes

If I wanted you to touch my breast I would just say so

Unfortunately, we live in a society where no means yes and stop means go

Because we play out these fantasies where girls just say stop and no for pleasure

They want the man to keep going harder and faster until he’s done

It’s on the movies and tv’s and it's just begun

To sink in their heads as meaningless fun

But little do they know that when they take her no the harm cannot be undone

But maybe you just can’t understand this concept of no so let me make it easier for you

Yes...means yes

Yes means consent

Consent isn’t given if I'm fast asleep

Consent isn’t given just because my skirt comes way up above my knees

Consent isn’t given just because I flirt with ease

Or kiss and tease

Consent isn’t given if I freeze, my mouth unable to form the words no

Silence is not an unlocked door for you to open when you please and make yourself at home invading my privacy

That's the problem with society

Every day we are perpetuating rape culture

Vultures ready to attack if she’s wearing something that shows too much skin

Romanticizing the man’s chase of a woman who has said no...hoping he will win

He loves the chase because even though she has said she’s not interested he still feels entitled

He keeps going she says no it's an endless cycle

Played on and on in the movies as a girl playing hard to get

Yet we romanticize this conquest

As a result, we perpetuate rape culture

By making excuses

Saying no means yes

Replacing the word rape with sex

But having sex with an intoxicated girl then going to brag

By throwing consent in the trash like some worn out rag

You can’t just assume consent and go

If we don’t say yes, then that means no


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