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Only yesterday feeling eight or three, But here I am, turning seventeen. So many changes have happened in the past year,
Inhale Take your steps wisely. It's your freshman year young girl. Don't be nervous. Take a breath.  New school, new people, new state. No one knows you. No one likes you. Wait, dont panic.
A year from now it was dark,  But that was before Clark.   So I came out,  with a famous shout.   Now I wear glitter and make my mark!  
It’s cold this time of year Bitter fights White frosted hands and words School is tiring Dull and monotonous It is warm though
Life is not a mountain.  Life is not an ocean.  Life is a game, chess game.  However, the game is not fair.  Some of us are dropped into the game, one move away from our King being captured.
What a time it was to be alive When 2016 came and flew right by 2016 came and everything seemed fine Until upon my emotions it began to dine It began to become dark and tore me apart
The way she walks transmogrifies My brain into soft clouds and kites When below is where reality lies Sweetly, strongly, in those silt brown eyes   Around those black river rocks, madsmoothed
Through situations with Harambe I learned to seek justice Through my crazy at-home standards I learned to live for myself Through family drama I learned to choose my own battles Through insane politics
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