Life is not a mountain.  Life is not an ocean.  Life is a game, chess game.  However, the game is not fair.  Some of us are dropped into the game, one move away from our King being captured.  Others are more fortunate; they begin with their pawns strategically protecting their Knights, Bishops, Kings, and Queens.  Though, Life is not this simple.  Every now and then, someone passing by might knock over a couple of your pieces, completely changing your strategy, but still the game must go on.

Life is an NCAA bracket.  We think we have it all figured out.  This year, we’ve predicted all of the upsets correctly.  Nothing can go wrong.  But when it comes game-time, everything gets messed up.  We jeer when our brackets fall apart, but we’re all still happy. We’ll watch the championship game because the end isn’t bad, just not what we expected.  Some parts of life will be the Michigan State’s of 2016 where you have a plan to go all the way and then it crumples in the first round, but others will be unexpected flukes in which opportunity will arise from the 14th seeds in your life.

Life is a game.

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