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i put my cap down as i arrive temperture prospered beyond 85   its summer looking for a job   dam  not having one made my momma cry  time showing the change my mind  blaze with rage 
tell us that we're wrong as we sing and preach the right song.   tell us that we're right and then you keep us in your sight.   tell us that you care
Aggress! Aggress! There is one place  A place I see A place I always end up I am not a child or a house wife I am a woman from the rib perhaps Of goddess divine for sure
I will never be the same. never be okay, but I’ll keep walking. left foot right foot   left foot right foot left foot
Our distant relatives Found aggression adaptive But the way the wind moves seeds Is the way aggression breeds greed Is this really in our genetic make-up? Four reproduction and to build our own rep up?
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