D.N.A (Dormant Not Active)

Fri, 05/31/2013 - 15:06 -- newB18


United States
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Our distant relatives
Found aggression adaptive
But the way the wind moves seeds
Is the way aggression breeds greed
Is this really in our genetic make-up?
Four reproduction and to build our own rep up?
How progressives is this behavior ?
I know aggression doesn't work for me in that favor.
But its open for discussion,
Please anyone, give me something I can savor.
But for now, here is a little knowledge from mother earth,
Who has also been hear since birth
Composite volcanoes, subduction and destruction.
When silica is hight, and basalt is low
Measurements yield a barbarous pyroclastic flow.
But if silica serves as frustration
And basalt as meditation
Certainly there is no time for hesitation
Rapidly approaching is a blank of emotional displacement,
A black sea of rapid hatred.
But a hostile environment
For a competitive element.
Derived in men to instill their species protection?
Call me manic man but I don't buy it
I solicit self-awareness and maturity
To awaken mens primary capabilities.


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