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It’s a good thing there is a such thing as family Because family makes everything better It’s less lonely with them And you’ve a place to go
As I ran towards the water and my feet were met with salty splashes of the ocean, 
He has mesmerising eyes that send my soul to heaven He is warm and feels like home He always smells like stars and dreams that do come true I love him for seeing everything I couldn't in myself
it's funny  when i was younger i wished for a Barbie dreamhouse not realizing i had one all along as i drive away you become small in the back mirror my own dollhouse where i first learned to crawl, walk, run
I remember how the backyard used to be at home The playground we swang on and the slide we slipped down. The cones fell from the pines The black walnuts smelled of limes
Oh what a web we weave, when we are in belief. Whether it be a happy home, or a good poem, don't forget... you'll always be alone. Don't cry, laugh. Don't go home, just stay at work and make cash.
There's a road I roam Bendy pavement silk Tantalizing the bone With moonlight's lit milk   Three dots in the sky Compass lead me to home Please be no lie In this scary black dome!
Dear Eagle Rock High School Auditorium,   I was a mere seventh grader when you were renovated. I was afraid that the 90 years of history Would be lost. I guess that’s the thing about theatre. It vanishes.
I want to grown in a family home With a full living space In a kid friendly neighbor Where the saying love the’ neighbor Is possible I want to be surround by nature And watch seasons change
Who am I?  My name is Ariel, but who am I?  I'm a mermaid and a princess lf the sea, but I'm not free. I may swim aimlessly with my friends, but I feel so lost.
“This country is great”I am an immigrant.My dad came as a dreamer,my mother a nervous wreck,and I, the unwilling participant.
The things I fear aren’t always as tangible as death  or the loss of the ones I love. Sometimes I fear loneliness and simplicity Things staying still.   From the words I devour 
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