Ode to the Mckinney

I want to grown in a family home

With a full living space

In a kid friendly neighbor

Where the saying love the’ neighbor

Is possible

I want to be surround by nature

And watch seasons change

From my window

I want to listen to Hispanic music

Every morning

With warm tortillas

Served with chorizo

In the restaurant they call Taqueria Hernandez

I want to be awoken at 5am

to work at a job

that my boyfriend gave me so he could keep an eye on me

to watch my every move

I want my parents to understand that I 

dont need a man to protect me and take care of me

I want to stop being reminded of my past decsions 

and how they haunt me every hour of the day

I want to stop being controlled and told what to do

from my parents and my boyfriend

I want to have my own independent rights

and have my own choice 

Instead of following orders 

like a toy

I want have my old boyfriend back

where I didnt have to earn trust

and kept like prisoner in my dorm room

I want him to return to his old sweet self

instead of this navy beast 

that uses apologizes and gifts 

to his advantage so i wouldnt leave

I want to be back home 

and sit on this swing 

and have the wind lighty brush my hair out of my face.

That is my home

Of Mckinney Texas 

This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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