it's funny 

when i was younger i wished for a Barbie dreamhouse

not realizing i had one all along

as i drive away you become small in the back mirror

my own dollhouse

where i first learned to crawl, walk, run

within your interior is where i learned love

is the feeling of your dog's tongue tickiling your hand

the smell of cookies your mother made

just because they are your favorite

within your walls i grew

physically shown through markers in the bedroom doorway

a baby to an adult, ready for a new chapter

under your roof is where i learned safety

surviving a hurricane that destroyed many

i am forever grateful

to you for being there through it all

happy days, tears, craziness and fear

there the day i decided my new house

for the next four years

because you'll always be my home

real life dreamhouse 

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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