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I've spent too much time caring about other people's views Wear what you want It doesn't matter who you are Born a girl, feel like a boy Don't want to wear your skirts cause society says it ain't right
Calloused hands Strings of Gold In three bands (or so I’m told)   Jet Black Studs Turquoise Hair
I wish I was normal. I wish I was just like you. Well, maybe not “JUST” like you, but close enough. Close enough to fit in like you. Close enough to blend in with the crowd
I’ve always liked that sense of style With the chains And the blood The gore and the bats and the spiders
You can't see the part of me I'm most proud of. The part of me that got up and said, "I can do this." The part of me that want's to be shown off to everyone. This part of me is only seen a few times a year.
If you take me for face value You'd think: A shy, timid girl loves acoustic music Hair artificially curled nothing could make her tick. Now, Erase all of that. Look at me
There has always been something special about October About Halloween About the Addams Family and their sadistic values There's something about the moon at night
I take the stage And my palms are sweating The bass begins to beat The light illuminates my skin   As a young girl I ate bananas to calm my nerves Now I think it was all a trick  
The bass controls my pulse The whole room shaking from the sound Bodies slamming, sweat swapped All walks of life become one The whole place is in unison Punk rock connects all Singers bouncing off kids
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