breaking stereotypes

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  Color By: Michelle Barrera Pink, Blue, Black, White. Colors are colors, Yet they cut like a damn knife. They destroy families. Friendships. Marriages.
Judging. How do you judge? Get to know somebody And learn more about him or her. Judging.
We were freaks Clowns and ringleaders Dwarfs and bearded ladies. We were oddities created by a society That didn’t accept curiosities.
I am an alien, a rapist, a criminal    My accent and skin color makes this visible I steal jobs, in no way contribute to society They say an illegal deserves no equality
  I am just a girl. Unaware and overdressed. Spent too long looking in the mirror You weren’t there I guess  
Where is the life I used to have Carried in my suitcase Of neon green?   Did it dissapear down  The rabbit hole of Beige, nothing but  b e i g e.   Did it fall down the
Take a big whiff and smell the pungent smell of name brand perfume and fumes This nigeritis chokes the esophagus with promises to bring human carcassesShiny belt buckles match the color of these infected smiles hoping this trend lasts a while Mone
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