Under the Big Tent

We were freaks

Clowns and ringleaders

Dwarfs and bearded ladies.

We were oddities created by a society

That didn’t accept curiosities.

But society was wrong.

We were beings that belonged

To a belief system that worshipped The God.

Our God was different than the gods of Buddhism,

Our God is three, the Holy Trinity

Father, Son, and Holy Ghost

We were created for His scheme of things,

While searching for a feeling of belonging.

All human life doesn’t begin when we take our first breath of oxygen

It begins when one cell is formed by two different organisms.

And human life expires when our heart gets too tired

As some have said “ The heart is the strongest object

Because we constantly subject it to pain over and over again.”

Society says that we cannot be pro-life and pro-choice.

Yet against society’s perception

I’m a walking piece of fiction.

This is a societal mentality that only some may be free

In society, we are mocked into compliance

No choice we make is tolerable to the hypocrisy of society.

Christianity is just a hoax

It’s something to make you feel accepted

We are told this repetitiously.

Society has now decided the definition of beauty.

Where flaws are frowned upon

And scars are wrong.

Yet scars show how life has conformed you.

We all wear a label

Be it Muslim, or queer, or mentally unstable.

Your label is not who you are.

We have been hoodwinked into conforming to a standard that is less than our worth

Where normal has been transformed into accepting your label.

And this is why suicide is so high.

Teenagers have to try to fit into a group that isn't who they are.

The band kid can't be with the “cool kids”

We are taunted and teased

Girls are held under misogyny

Mental illness has become the norm

We joke about rape like nothing is wrong.

Where has our society gone?

We are living in a circus,

A circus without a master.

A circus without The Master


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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