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  aaaaaAaaAaAaAAAaaaaAaaaAAAaaaAAAaaaaaAAAA                     yeşil mor mavi                     köfteler düşer pencerenden   Tarlabaşında bir sabah kahvem soğudu
a sea turtle is hurrying,  hurrying to the sea,  it takes no notice of a land creature like me,  it came ashore,  the night before,  and dropped a thousand gleaming jewels,  it buried them deep, 
Flowers are the diamonds of nature. They blossom and bloom like little turtles emerging from their shells. The dewdrops are like jewels, glistening glamourously in the sun.
Turtles are gods On fallen trees, looking up. Surveying the wild green Water I approach without grace. The turtles fell, as little gods fall, Soft, and without diameter, into
I am a shell, holding the possibility of life soft to touch, but strong, and yet, still vulnerable I am an embryo, racing to grow while being shadowed by death I am a hatchling
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